Autumn Winter 2024 Show

For Autumn Winter 2024, we are taking our seats in 1953 for a career-defining performance of Medea by Maria Callas. Callas inhabited her persona with such force to the point that the boundary between artist and performance vanished.

The collection explores the thin realm between myth and reality, on stage and off stage, dressed and undressed, person and persona, sorcery and seduction.




Step inside the ERDEM Atelier to discover the making of the Autumn Winter 2024 runway collection.


For Autumn Winter 2024, we see Maria Callas at the height of her powers commanding a world stage, far beyond the theatre. Like Medea, Callas was uprooted. Born in America as a Greek national, her talent would consign her to a nomadic and chaotic life. The absence of home was poignant and profound. She belonged on the stage - but a stage is not a home.

Callas retired in 1965 and withdrew from the public eye, dying alone in Paris in 1977. Her ashes were returned to Greece where they were scattered in the Aegean Sea.

The Autumn Winter 2024 Collection launches in September 2024 and will be available online and in the ERDEM Flagship Store in London.