ERDEM is an independent house of bold fashion for women, based in London. Founded in 2005 by
designer Erdem Moralioglu MBE, the brand has forged its own path within the industry. Poetic and
rigorous, ageless and timeless, powerful and versatile, Erdem's world is an intriguing interplay of
strength and beauty.

In eighteen years, Erdem had established an exuberant language of femininity that transcends fashion
to inspire strength and confidence in the women for whom he designs. It is a passionate language
that is evocative and eccentric in character, fluently spoken with a beauty that is intense and

The house of ERDEM is cultured and erudite, underpinned by a belief in the power and skill of
craftsmanship. Mind and hand work together to bring imagination to life with precision, artistry and
the compelling dexterity of the handmade. Respect for traditional skills is combined with an
excitement for innovation, in technique and application.

Erdem is at heart a storyteller. Collections are formed around a narrative, championing heroic
women at a particular place and a moment in time. Erdem's fashion is dramatic, atmospheric and
expressive in the service of emotion: it is not what they wear, but how they feel that matters.